Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have found an animal. Can I bring them to the Humane Society? Found animals should be taken to your local animal control center so the owners have the opportunity to look for them there. Please contact your local police and ask to be connected to animal control. Many cities in Baldwin County to not have a dedicated animal control facility and you will be directed do the Baldwin County Animal Shelter at 251-972-6834. If you would prefer that the animal not go to animal control you can email us at with a photo, where the animal was found, and your contact information so we can post them on our lost and found page.

  2. I need to surrender my animal. What should I do? We are a limited intake adoption center and are only able to take in an animal if space is available. Often we can not take your animal on short notice. You can send a photo of your animal with your contact information and a brief note explaining why you need to surrender them to Someone will contact you if we are able to help. You can also call our front office at 251-928-4585 for a list of other rescues and shelters in the area.

  3. I suspect an animal(s) is being harmed or mistreated. What can I do? You should first contact your local police and animal control officer as we are not able to investigate animal cruelty claims. That being said, we encourage you to give us a call and ask to speak to the Executive Director as we like to follow up on these calls and offer what help we can.

  4. Is the Baldwin Humane Society the same as the animal shelter? We are not the animal shelter. The Baldwin Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal adoption agency. Although we do have a kennel facility on site, we are not affiliated with any animal control center or city or county entity. We are not able to pick up animals at large and do not have an animal officer on staff.

  5. Are you affiliated with the United States Humane Society? We have no connection to any larger organization such as the USHS or the ASPCA. We rely solely on grant funding and donations from the public.